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Be proud to say you are a Contai born and give your e-mail id a contai touch. Make your email id like [email protected]
ake a unique, easy to remember, nice and featured rich lifetime email account with your name (no underscore, no numbers, just with your name) and it will be your asset for life.

Features at a glance:-
i) we are providing email service in collaboration with Google (their smtp, pop3 and webmail server), but with domain name i.e. your email will be [email protected]

ii) we will provide 6.5 GB space for each mailbox. so you don't need to delete anything from your emailbox.

iii) fully unrestricted SMTP, POP3, IMAP and webmail email box with SSL (secured service layer) provided and you will be able to use Microsoft Outlook or any email client software to send / receive emails.

iv) clean and easy to load webmail interface without any advertisement.

But please obey some simple rules.
As we have limited webspace, please don't request for mail account if you will not use it and let use the webspace to someone else who actually need it. Also please respect this service and don't use our email service for any illegal and spamming purpose, if you do it, your mailbox will be immediately suspended for lifetime.

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Please don't send us fake information, as we will manually review it and then activate within 24 hours. These information will not be distributed, but we have to keep records for security reasons and if you use it for any illegal activity, legal actions may be taken.

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